Basic Proxy FAQ

What is a proxy? Why do I need a proxy?

A connection between our server and Instagram.
If we didn't use proxies, Instagram would know that your account uses our system, and likely ban it. After all we have > 2000 users, so it's obvious you're using a bot.

The proxy makes sure your account communicates with the Instagram servers from a different place than all the other users. 

What is the best proxy?

The best proxy is a mobile proxy from a mobile phone operator in your country. This looks to Instagram as if you had another Smartphone. And because mobile proxies share their IP (identification information) with thousands of other users in the same area, Instagram cannot use it to count your actions and block the IP. It's not foolproof, because there are of course also counters per device (the smartphone used by our app) and per account. But at least the most common problem is circumvented.

The second best proxy is a residential proxy from your area/city. This will look to Instagram as if you would use a Wifi connection in your friend's house. And as in a house you can easily connect 5 accounts to one and the same address (IP) without problems.

Next in line are fresh datacenter proxies, nowadays usually IPv6, as IPv4 are running out. Instagram knows you are using some kind of proxy, but that could be a business server etc. They are watching this closely and will likely not allow too many actions. 

And finally the typical re-used IPv4 proxies. Lots of sellers only offer that. And it's a bit of a gamble. You might catch a good one, but most of the time someone else has spammed with that IP before, and Instagram uses an extensive database of IP addresses and their history. If you catch such a spammed address, your account will not be allowed any active action (follow, like, post), only mayb "watching". You may also get an automation block, IG actively telling you "you are using a bot". Please resign from it. 

Where can I get a proxy?

You can buy proxies -- the correct term would be "rent", because it nearly always involves a monthly fee. Or you can create your own. 

I recommend creating your own, because it will give you full control over the lifetime of your account, and is much cheaper.
But I won't lie to you, it requires some technical skills or at least a willingness to learn.

Making your own proxies

I can whole-heartedly recommend this system:  -- it consists of an ebook that will teach you absolutely everything about proxies, and all the necessary software pre-configured plus a list of IP providers, VPSs etc. etc. to create your own datacenter, residential or mobile proxies. All you need in one link. Money very well invested. 

If you don't want to buy an ebook, there is enough material on the web to get you going, and the proxy software is free:  
But I can only recommend that if you have a good grasp of network technology and Linux.

Can I turn my home IP into a proxy?

yes, if certain conditions are met. Your provider needs to not use CGNAT, which excludes nearly all mobile providers. But if you have a typical ADSL or fibre connection, chances are very good you can. See the ebook above on how to do that. 

Where can I buy a proxy in country xxx?

I don't know, it shouldn't be too difficult to google. And part of working on social media means you need to build your own network of trusted suppliers, Each situation is unique, and you need to test, test, test. 

That said, there are a few suppliers in our Facebook group, and some excellent content about proxies: 

Best buyable (but not cheap) proxy for Instagram is probably the "hybrid proxy" by, best value for money are IMHO IPv6 fresh datacenter. 

Against some people, I do believe that it's important to use proxies from the same region, but if you cannot find a trustworthy seller nearby, go for American proxies. Facebook/Instagram seem to allow US or Canada based accounts a bit more....